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By: imediadesign123 | December 03, 2016

While designing your app for iOS or Android or both, you often face tons of difficulties which sometimes leave you irritated and delays your app development work.

With the advancement in web technology, more and more companies are involved in creating and maintaining their mobile apps to attract as many as web users and offering all the approaches like the pure HTML5/JavaScript/CSS3 mobile Web faction, the native-code purists, the hybrid mobile app etc. to meet your requirements . If you run a small web design business, it is good to develop your own mobile app to extend your business and improves your converts. There are several ways to do it.

Though you have plenty of tools available on the web, the trouble and cost of versatile application...

By: imediadesign123 | April 18, 2016

Mobile Web Design

There is no doubt, mobile has transformed every aspect of our businesses and societies. Google reported that 52% of search traffic comes from smartphones or mobile devices.  And since the Google has announced its mobile friendly update, every website owner is making its site compatible with all mobile devices.

In April of 2015, “Mobilegeddon” transformed the marketing world by putting responsive and mobile websites at the forefront of a marketer’s mind.

In this mobile dominated world, having a compatible web design is a necessity for any kind of industry. If you own a business website you need to create a mobile optimized site to increase in search traffic. 

For this reason, it is vital for webmasters to keep themselves updated with the latest...