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By: imediadesign123 | March 17, 2016

Magento Website Development
Magento Ecommerce Website Design

Are you planning to make your ecommerce business more powerful than before? These days both traditional stores and entrepreneurs are actively considering the need of ecommerce store to expand their business and increase in sales.
There are various ecommerce platforms available to choose from. No doubt, Magento is one of the most feature-rich and flexible platforms. The speed is the most critical part of any ecommerce site not only for Google but for the user experience on it. But most of the e-store owners are still struggling in making their web pages load quickly in just a second.
If you are new to ecommerce, this will be a critical thing for you to understand. In this article, here we have presented some ways to improve the web design of your Magento Ecommerce Website.
Always use the advanced version
Each version of the ecommerce tools comes with the improved functionality and always go for the latest version in order to optimize performance.
Create Great Content
If you want to drive more traffic towards your site, take time to write a unique and engaging content. A valuable content creates trust, builds your brand, and keeps people informed.
Make it easy for customers to purchase
Make it easy for customers to complete their transaction process without any hassle. Provide as many as payment options. PayPal is the most trustworthy way to make payments online, allow your customer to access this service.
Use extensions to improve user experience 
If you have all the required Magento extensions installed then it will help customers easy to navigate and shop and also result in decreasing your bounce rate.
Optimize Your Site for Search Engines.
There is no use of the website if people can’t find you on the web. Realize the benefits of SEO, include target keywords in your website and blogs customers will use to search your products.
Get Your Robots.txt File to Work for You
This file is for Google to index your web pages. It tells Google what you want them to do so. Make changes to your Robot.txt file –
•Go into ‘System’
•Click into ‘Configuration’
•Click into ‘Design’
•Click into ‘HTML Heads’
•Find the ‘Default Robots’ setting and change it to “INDEX, FOLLOW”
Hope, the article will help you to improve web design of your Magento ecommerce website and will give a unique shopping experience to your visitors.



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