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By: imediadesign123 | May 31, 2016

Secure Your Mobile App

The use of mobile devices continues to grow .Today mobile is about so much more than just sending a message or make phone calls you are bound to. On an average people spend two hours a day using their phone for a wide range of digital services such as checking their Facebook account , news on their CNN app , may be they do an online shopping from their favorite store or a quick check on their bank balance and view both personal and professional emails. Did you count how many times your data was vulnerable?

If any business in today’s market ignores its mobile presence, they may face a great loss in prospective customers. Therefore, most of the organizations consider a mobile app development for the business to grow

These apps are all from reputable companies, and you can download them through an app store. But are these mobile applications really secure and protected from malicious hackers?

Here are 10 ways to secure your mobile device:

1.Know what data is being collected by applications. Many app owners may be able to access your phone and email contacts, call logs, internet data, your device’s location and the device’s unique IDs etc.

2.Know about your data security .Make sure your data must be send with encryption, otherwise it can be easily intercepted.

3.Add a passcode, PIN, or pattern lock. This helps protect your data from an attacker who gets ahold of your phone, even if the app developer didn’t properly secure the data.

4.Make sure you use different passwords for banking, social media, email, etc.

5.Logout of your applications. If your application requires a login, ensure that you log out when you are finished.

6.Stick to the official stores such as App Store and Google Play to download apps Third- party stores are fraught with malware. 

7.Use two-factor user identification when available to add another level of protection

8.Update your operating system and apps when new versions are available. 

9.Avoid unsecured WiFi. This helps protect against attackers that want to steal your data over networks.

10.Make sure you app provide you visibility into what app is doing with your data.

However there are some apps that helps you provide you some details about what apps are sharing your data insecurely and provides tips to secure yourself.

Hope this article help you to secure your mobile app.  For more details visit here: Secure Mobile App Development !



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Posted on : June 16, 2017

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