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By: imediadesign123 | December 03, 2016

While designing your app for iOS or Android or both, you often face tons of difficulties which sometimes leave you irritated and delays your app development work.

With the advancement in web technology, more and more companies are involved in creating and maintaining their mobile apps to attract as many as web users and offering all the approaches like the pure HTML5/JavaScript/CSS3 mobile Web faction, the native-code purists, the hybrid mobile app etc. to meet your requirements . If you run a small web design business, it is good to develop your own mobile app to extend your business and improves your converts. There are several ways to do it.

Though you have plenty of tools available on the web, the trouble and cost of versatile application improvement have not got away from the notification of inventive organizations.In this article we have presented useful app development tools to help you get from concept to finished app faster.

01. Marvel (iOS, Android)

The Marvel app turns simple sketches on paper into interactive, tappable prototypes that allow you to demo your app ideas and share with others.

02. Invision (iOS, Android)

Invision is another free web and mobile prototyping tool available for both the iOS and Android platforms. 

03. iOS Sketch Paper

04. Android Sketch Paper

05. PopApp (iOS, Android)

06. Android Patterns (Android)

07. Tuts+ (iOS, Android)

08. GENWI 

GENWI also enables you to revise your apps as often as you like. What's more, apps can include various revenue-generating capabilities for businesses, like ads, coupons and in-app subscriptions.

09. RunRev

You can use RunRev's LiveCode to develop your app, which is an English-like language for developing iPhone and Android apps.

10. Mockingbird

Serving as an excellent online tool, Mockingbird allows you to create, collaborate, preview and share all the mockups for your website or application.

You can pick these resources to learn app development and boost your skills. Hope this article make your next mobile app development process successful. Also, check out this collection of tutorials on How to Build a Mobile App.


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