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By: imediadesign123 | December 03, 2016

While designing your app for iOS or Android or both, you often face tons of difficulties which sometimes leave you irritated and delays your app development work.

With the advancement in web technology, more and more companies are involved in creating and maintaining their mobile apps to attract as many as web users and offering all the approaches like the pure HTML5/JavaScript/CSS3 mobile Web faction, the native-code purists, the hybrid mobile app etc. to meet your requirements . If you run a small web design business, it is good to develop your own mobile app to extend your business and improves your converts. There are several ways to do it.

Though you have plenty of tools available on the web, the trouble and cost of versatile application...

By: imediadesign123 | May 31, 2016

Secure Your Mobile App

The use of mobile devices continues to grow .Today mobile is about so much more than just sending a message or make phone calls you are bound to. On an average people spend two hours a day using their phone for a wide range of digital services such as checking their Facebook account , news on their CNN app , may be they do an online shopping from their favorite store or a quick check on their bank balance and view both personal and professional emails. Did you count how many times your data was vulnerable?

If any business in today’s market ignores its mobile presence, they may face a great loss in prospective customers. Therefore, most of the organizations consider a mobile app development for the business to grow

These apps are all from re...

By: imediadesign123 | May 11, 2016

Mobile ecommerce app development

Today, every other person is now on internet for searching their favorite websites online Therefore ecommerce has grown at a very rapid rate, almost each store is now coming up with a unique and functional website to extend their business. Even small to large ecommerce businesses considered having a mobile app. 

Since, the usage of smartphones have taken over the desktop for browsing the internet, most of organizations are turning towards mobile apps. But to attract the number of users towards a mobile application as well as creating a mobile –friendly app, you must understand the designing skills. 
However, creating a great user experience for potential buyers is critical to your success. And a mobile app nowadays can make or break a company...